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"Thank you so much Sophie for the magnificent cookies.  They were outstanding.  So many people asked about them...You are a SUPERSTAR.  Thanks again"

"Hi Sophie, Just wanted you to know that cookies were a huge hit in New York.  They said they never saw such beautiful cookies.  Coming from New York, it seems like a huge compliment! Thanks so much."

"Sophie, Your cookies are absolutely beautiful.  A work of art.  Thank you so much."

"Sophie, I wanted to personally thank you soooo much...Those cookies were a MASTERPIECE.  Each one individually...GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS.  So, so special and they meant so much and they added so much.  Besides looking beautiful, they were so delicious.  The colours were perfect.  Thank you again!!"

"Sophie, You out did yourself!  The dessert table was incredible and above and beyond. Everybody went crazy and it was so adorably cute and special. 

Thank you from our whole family for making our simcha so special and delicious! "


"Thank you!  Your beautiful work was beyond and celebrated like it should be! Can’t wait until next simcha!"

"...I wanted to say thank you very much for the beautiful stuff you made. I wish I could express it into this email how much it actually made the kiddush. The artwork and love you put into each piece to make, is felt!!! People there commented that it was not only beautiful but it TASTED GREAT TOO!  That is actually very hard to pull off I have found. Thank you, thank you!!  With much gratitude!!!"

"...Hi Sophie, thank you so much for the stunning cake and cookies, they were magnificent and delicious!!! It was an amazing addition to our dessert table.  Thank you so much Sophie!!"

"Sophie, Thank you so much for such a fabulous experience for Reena!
She loved learning from you and she was so proud to bring her creations home each day.
We are very appreciative to you for sharing your talent with us." - Baking Camp Experience

"Sophie, Stunning as always.  Thank you.  I can't stop staring at them and I can't wait for tonight when my daughter sees them."

"Best Cookies I have ever seen!  I almost dropped the box when I opened it because I was stunned!!!!"

"Sophie, Aviva is just loving this experience of learning from you.  She comes home so energized and excited. It is really amazing. Thank you!"


"We are loving everything Aviva has brought home, including the smile on her face at the end of the day!!!!!"


"Unreal! What a beautiful cake, and avivas feelings of pride and accomplishment are so special! We are so grateful. Thank you so much." - Baking Camp Experience

"OMG Sophie!! They were perfect!! One of the highlights of the shower!  I gave everyone your phone number..."

"Sophie, the cookies are STUNNING!!!! Wow!!!!

"Thank you SO much for making such beautiful cookies and cupcakes.  They were stunning.  Everyone loved them, they were the most beautiful thing on our table.  You are so talented."

"Hi Sophie, ...The Talmud cake you made for YR was totally amazing!! You outdid yourself! And it was delicious too!"

"They were the most beautiful cookies we've ever seen in our whole life!!!"

"Everyone is still talking about your Cake Pops! And I haven't even posted on fb yet."

"Sophie, These were magnificent, magnificent cookies.  Really something, something special and we know how much of your heart went into making them.  Thank you, thank you"

"...Thank you for the beautiful stuff you made for the kiddush for my daughter....I don’t think words can express what the talent that you have for doing what you do. The stuff was beyond beautiful and such a work of art that I kind of wanted to frame them and keep them:-). they added so much to our Simcha!! Thank you!!!!  Thank you!!! "

 " Hi Sophie, I just wanted to say thank you for an amazing event on Saturday night....your program was amazing and the kids had a great time!
I am looking forward to working together in the future." 

"Sophie, I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for the beautiful cake.  You did an absolutely amazing job, and not only did it look incredible, but it tasted incredible as well!"

"EVERYONE loved and was so impressed with your cookies!!! But most was the birthday girl!!!

"..Sophie, Thank you for the cakes and cookies - they looked amazing and tasted great! When should we contact you for the wedding cake?"

"Thank you so much for the beautiful and delicious desserts you made for the Simchat Bat. They were really exceptional, one of a kind!  Be’ezrat Hashem there will be many more smachot in Toronto and I will have an opportunity to do business with you again.

All the best"

"Sophie. I just wanted to tell you how beautiful everything was yesterday. Everybody loved your designs and they were so delicious too!! Thanks so much for the love and detail you put into everything you create."

"First, the cookies were adorable! Everyone loved the way they fit in with the travel theme. But most important, they were delicious! Everyone commented on how good they tasted. Most of the time, custom cookies look good but taste like wood. Yours are perfection! And so perfectly soft.


Thanks again. I can't wait to have another function where I can order your products. You are incredibly talented."

"Sophie, Thank you so much for the incredible slurpee cookies.  My husband went nuts over them, they meant so much to him and everyone loved them!
Thanks for all your efforts."

"Sophie, Thank you so much for making Shirah's Bas Mitzvah so special.  May you continue to use your talents to bring simcha to others."

" The cake was beautiful!!!  Thanks so much Sophie!!  Everyone loved the cake and it was so perfect for my little niece-to-be"

"Sophie, the cookies were a hit! Thanks so much. They really added to my table and our simcha."

"THANK YOU for all of your hard work and time and efforts that you put into the decorating, demonstration as well as the cupcakes and krispie pops. It truly enhanced our simcha and the girls,  as well as Tziporah, were very happy."

"Hi Sophie, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the amazing cookies! They were a real hit and my husband really loved them! The attention to detail was impeccable and they tasted so yummy! It was hard to believe you really CAN have the best of both worlds! We'll be calling you for our next simcha, b'h:)"

"Hi Sophie, A huge huge thank you.  The cookies and cake pops were stunning...Got sooo many compliments 
Thank you !!!!! So much "

"Sophie I asked them to cut the cake it was incredible.  The sweet table looked like a dream table thanks to you.  You are beyond incredible, your talent is unreal. I can't wait for you to own the party's market in toronto.  You brought kosher desert to a level I've never seen in the city.  Thank you from the bottom of our heart."

" Sophie thank you so much.  I'm so thankful for everything you have done.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  Every single item was amazing.  The cake was stunning.  You are so talented and a pleasure to work with.  I can't thank you enough.  I'm sending a big hug and a kiss."

"These (cookies) were absolutely stunning and each should have been framed and hung instead of eaten, and they tasted amazing too!!!!!.  Keep up the amazing work - I don't know how you do it."

"WHAT A CAKE!!!!!!!!!! I cannot thank you enough for what you did for me.  It was honestly an exact replica.  You are truly talented and I know it wasn't easy to replicate something off a single picture!


Again, thank you so much for being so wonderful!"

"Thank you so much for the most beautiful cookies.  The cookies were just WOW...WOW! WOW!...They were just beautiful.  I loved the Shlomo Meir and how you had it in the shamash.  They were so cute and beautiful and creative.  They really added alot of beauty to the Kiddush.  Thank you SO much!!"

"The stuff is beyond stunnning.  You are unreal!!!  Thanks a billion.  Nicest things I've ever seen..."

"WOW - your cakes are really amazing works of art!!! STUNNING!!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!"


"They were the talk of the bake sale!!! EVERYONE commented on them and could not believe their eyes!!!!!"

"The cookies were unreal.  Such a hit.  You are a true artist.  Thanks again so much."

"I am obsessed with your website.  U r so talented it's unreal.  I"YH the next simcha I am using you!!"

"Thanks so much for the beautiful cookies!!!  They r gorgeous and smell heavenly!!! Can't wait to see them on Instagram"

"Another beautiful (cake) creation! We loved it!!!"

"Sophie, the cake you made for the K's was amazing.   She didn't want to cut it, so I can't  tell you how it tasted.  It at least was stunning!"

"Hi Sophie, just wanted to let you know how much pleasure I got from seeing your spectacular creations on your website.

Too bad they have to get cut up and eaten!

Wishing you hatzlacha rabba with your new business."

"Sophie! Wow!  The stuff the girls came home with are so beautiful. You really have such a great class. Your talent shines in their creations. Thanks again"

"Thanks so much Sophie! It (cake) was beautiful and delicious too! I loved it!!"

"Thank YOU so much Sophie.  The girls absolutely loved your (baking) class.  Please, please try to make more classes for their age.


I am amazed at your talent..."

"They (tie cookies) were beautiful, thank you!"

"Your creations were very well received.  You're so talented"

"Everyone raved about your sweet table and everything was delicious"

"...Your stuff is magnificent!"


" The work has been outstanding!"

"Thank you so much for the cake.  Everyone thought it was fake, that's how beautiful it was."

" What a great time E. had (at the baking class)!  I ran into my friend (Caterer) and she could not stop saying how talented you are!"

"Ur cakepops and cookies made a beautiful addition to the simcha"

"The cake was amazing! It was fantastic. Exactly what I wanted. Yes we did cut the cake it was very moist and yummy. 

Once again thank you very much for Ethan's amazing cake"

"Thank you so much Sophie for a wonderful evening!  The girls all had a wonderful time!!  The pretzels were like artwork and were a real hit!!
Thanks again!!"

"Sophie, I just wanted to thank you for always making our simchas more beautiful with your touch of class.  Your cookies were stunning!"

"The cake was beautiful. We didn't cut it open. No one wanted to touch it. "

"The cookies you made for my son's bar mitzvah came out absolutely stunning! And the best part was how good they tasted!" 

"...We still managed to raise a significant amount thanks to your exquisite cake. It just added such a wow factor to the tables. Thank you very much once again for your amazing acts of chessed towards Ezrat Achim. I know cakes like that require so much time and effort to perfect and you really mastered it...(CAKE BOSS move out)"

"Wow!! Beautiful!!! I love everything! Each creation is an art!

I have seen many kinds of cake pops, but yours take the cake! I love the pink rose ones!"

"Sophie makes the best looking and tasting cakes"

"Sophie, I love your creations.  As always...You are so talented"

"Sophie,  You have hands of GOLD.  Everything you touch and make is so beautiful."

“Thank you so much again everything was stunning and delicious!!”

“​Thank you so much!!  They are lovely.”  

“The cake pops look amazing!!!” 

“Oh yes, we were blown away by your creativity :)”

“Every thing looked great and was a hit “  

“Thank you so so much for the beautiful cookies and cupcakes!!!! The girls really loved the activity! You're hired for my next bat mitzvah iyH:)”  

"I just saw the cakes that you make and I am booking you G-d willing in 2 years for my daughters Bas Mitzvah"

Your baking is magnificent!

“Just wanted to let you know your cookies were a big hit tonight with all our guests.  More importantly you helped make a special kallah very happy...she loved them! She asked me to be sure to put some aside she could take home :)  May your business always bring simcha into the lives of others...what a zechus!”  

“They were beautiful and a great success!  I managed to find one of each cookie to send to the kallah!  Thanks again.”  

"Wow, looks amazing!  Please let me know when you start doing deliveries in Ireland!"

"Hi Sophie, Just wanted you to know that cookies were a huge hit in New York.  They said they never saw such beautiful cookies.  Coming from New York, it seems like a huge compliment! Thanks so much,"

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